When a spouse falls into the clutches of addiction, it becomes the responsibility of the other spouse to help them tackle the situation systematically. Instead of trying to quit the marriage and escape from the responsibility, it is suggested to try and make the spouse understand their addiction problem and also to get the required help.

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Dos of Dealing with an Addict Spouse

·         Reach out for help

Ask for help from all the sources such as family members, relatives, friends, and other such closed ones from both sides.

·         Show Support

If your spouse is willing to take the help, then offer it by showing your interest in making them get better from their addiction problem.

·         Maintain your Health

Do not focus on spending all your energy just on taking care of your spouse. Take care of your health as well.

·         Educate Yourself

Learning about addiction and its symptoms and problems is the right way of helping your spouse throughout the process.

Don’ts of Dealing with an Addicted Spouse

·         Lying

Give it straight to your spouse about their addiction problem rather than trying to hide their issue from them.

·         Covering up for them

Never encourage them to follow their cravings. You should never cover up for them by hiding their illegal possessions such as tablets, powder, etc., from the world.

The main factor to consider while dealing with an addicted spouse is offering your support and also having enough patience. Never flip out or snap at them and give them enough time to get better.

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