Plasma donation is one of the novel ways to give back value to society. Most people are aware of blood or platelet donation, however, very few are aware of donating plasma to create an impact on others’ life. While there are several benefits to donating plasma to the people in need, nowadays it has become beneficial for the donor too. Along with maintaining good health, plasma donation is now one of the side-income sources as plasma center now pays donors for their contribution. Let’s discuss what plasma donation is and how it can create an extra income stream.

What is plasma

The liquid, yellowish-white substance that oozes out of any cut in the skin, is called plasma. It constitutes 55% of the blood. Water is the main component of plasma that covers 92% of the plasma volume. Some vital proteins, such as albumin, gamma globulin, and antihemophilic factors constitute the rest 7% of plasma.

Important functions include

  • Maintenance of blood pressure and volume
  • Carry critical blood clotting factors
  • Carry sodium, and potassium to muscles
  • Balance a proper blood pH.

Plasma donation and use of donated plasma

This is a simple process of transferring a liquid portion of a donor’s blood to a high-tech machine that collects it. The red blood cells and platelets are then returned to the donor using some saline. Donated plasma is frozen within 24 hours of donation to preserve important clotting factors and can be used for up to one year.

Donated plasma is used for trauma, burn and shock patients with immune deficiencies and bleeding disorders.

Who should donate

People of any blood group can donate their plasma, however, the demand for AB blood plasma is high as it is compatible with other blood groups too. Along with that plasma center follows some basic guidelines that include

  • The minimum age of the donor is 18 years.
  • Should pass a medical exam
  • Should have/undergo medical history screening
  • Valid government ID

High-paying plasma centers

Plasma donation is one of the major side income sources in recent times. Several plasma centers pay huge amounts to the donor for their contribution. All one needs to do is spend a few hours in a month and pay a few visits to earn thousands of dollars throughout the year. Some of the highest-paying plasma centers are included here.

CSL Plasma

This is one of the largest plasma collection networks with 300 centers based out in the USA, Europe, and China. They offer high safety to the donor and millions of samples are tested every year across the world. A donor can earn $40-$50 for the first donation and around $1000 in a month depending on the location of the center.

BioLife Plasma

BioLife is the major high-quality plasma center in the US and Europe. The donor should be of at least 18 years and can earn up to $900 a month.


25 centers are located in the US and the pay scale varies from center to center.

BPL Plasma

This US and UK-based plasma center offer around $300 to an active, healthy donor.


Plasma donation has a win-win impact on both the donors and the people in need. Although a plasma center cannot make one rich, it creates a great supplement income source. Donating plasma on a regular basis improves health and helps people to live safely and independently.

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