To begin a good day nothing is better than a glass of all fresh fruit juices. But so many people don’t understand the value of freshly made juice. Instead of considering it to be a time taking process ends up buying the preservatives-based packaged juice or simply drinking on the roadside stall. But these are not at all hygienic options and can increase the risk of diseases. But one can make the perfect use of the cold-pressed juicer. Such a juicer is designed with a smart technology that can save from the hassle of preparing the juice and at the same time offers a good impact on the overall health as well.

Cold Pressed Juicers over Conventional Juicers:

A cold-pressed juicer is an advanced technology-based option that is far better than conventional juicers. Since conventional juicer creates more heat while creating the juice, it damages the important nutrients present in it. But in the case of cold-pressed one, well the name suggests its specialty. It works at a low RPM and also will not generate any kind of excess heat later. This way the fivers and nutrients also remain intact. Such juicers are not just meant for the fruits but also can help in extracting juice from the leafy vegetables. Rather it works at low noise which makes it a more reliable option over the regular conventional juicers.

Guide to buy Cold Pressed Juicer

For first-time users, it is quite obvious to wonder which could be the reliable option to purchase. That is why; here are some guidelines that can be helpful.

Look for the pulp ejection that is easy to do:

Choose a slow juice that has the container to collect the pulp be it internally or externally. If there is a container of pulp ejection, it would be a lot more convenient to effortlessly and easily eradicate the pulp during the whole process.

Easy cleaning:

These days people have a hectic schedule and nobody wants to waste time on cleaning the juicer once there is quite a mess. That is why look for the cold-pressed option that offers features of easy cleaning and assembling. While choosing such an option, one needs to be careful about its maintenance process too.


As the market is now filling up with different brands that offer such incredible juicers, the chances of competition and fraud both are high. That is why look for the option which is affordable yet comes with a warranty. Also, it must-have features, noise reduction, good speed, and easy usability.


Many other choices in the market seem to be tough competition to cold-pressed juicer. But this fine example of advanced technology certainly is worth a choice because it is easy to use, not at all time taking, and gives the juice rich with fibers, vitamins, and minerals that the body needs. This juicer over the regular conventional juicers is anytime the best option as it retains all the vitamins and minerals intact. Besides, no mess needs to be cleared later. With a cost and user-friendly solution, it is time to switch to healthy drinking with a smart choice.

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