If you’re thinking about getting Botox injections, there is one vital aspect to consider: the practitioner. There are numerous businesses nowadays that promise impressive results with Botox. However, you should always have this procedure done by a trained professional. Botulinum injections can lead to impressive aesthetic results only if the procedure is performed by an expert. This article discusses who can perform Botox procedures in 2022.

Medical doctors

Botulinum toxin is labeled as a prescription drug. As such, it is managed as any other medication that requires prescriptions. Medical doctors and doctors trained to administer Botox are allowed to offer you this procedure. It is best to book an initial appointment to gain a deeper understanding of the skills and experience of the practitioner.

Registered practitioners/ nurses

When it comes to who can perform Botox procedures, you should know that registered practitioners and nurses can do so. There are specific foundational courses that provide training and certification to those interested in Botox treatments. Ensure you check the credentials of your practitioner before your appointment. Only a trained professional should administer Botox.


It became more and more frequent for dentists to introduce in their practice dermal fillers and Botox injections. These are common services you can discover in 2022. But you should check with your local rules to see whether dentists in your area are allowed to perform Botox treatments.

Plastic surgeons

If you’re searching for the best solution for aesthetic treatments, you should consider the services of a plastic surgeon. This professional has the skills and expertise to administer Botox injections. The more experience the practitioner has, the better the results.

Physician assistants

Physician assistants can too offer dermal filler procedures and Botox injections. There are specific areas that allow assistants to get certified and offer such procedures. The more training they have, the better the outcome will be for your treatment.

The bottom line

Qualified registered professionals are allowed to inject Botox. We recommend you thoroughly check the background of a technician before scheduling an appointment. Botox is versatile and can offer excellent results. But you need to have the procedure administered by a professional. When your Botox procedure is done by a licensed professional, the results will be as expected. It is best to follow the pre-treatment and after-treatment indications to support your Botox treatment. We strongly advise against getting Botox done by an unlicensed and untrained individual. It can lead to serious Botox side effects.

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