Millions of people worldwide have taken up vaping to help them stop smoking, and the industry has changed massively over the last ten years or so. The vaping devices have improved, and there is also a wider variety of vape juices available for you to buy. Many serious vapers prefer a hands-on approach with their devices, which has led to many people making the vape juice themselves rather than purchasing it from a store or online. If you are interested in doing this, it is simple to get started, and you can buy everything you need with ease online. Below is what you need to buy and how to make e-liquid at home and have 100% control over what you vape.

Vegetable Glycerine

One of the base ingredients for e-liquid is vegetable glycerine, a substance commonly found in the food industry. It can come from different vegetables, and the most common ones are soybean, coconut, and palm oil. The vegetable glycerine allows you to make massive plumes of vape. To enable this, you will need a device that can vape at a higher temperature than average devices, and as such, you will need a sub-ohm vape device. You can purchase this online at health food stores and vaping supply stores, and it is readily available across the country.

Propylene Glycol

Another of the base ingredients of an e-liquid is propylene glycol, and this is also commonly found in the food industry and used in various products. The propylene glycol is not as viscous as vegetable glycerine, which helps with the vape juice’s flavour. It is also this substance that hits the back of your throat and replicates the smoking sensation. You can also get this easily online and in vaping and health food stores, and you will often be able to purchase it at the same location that you get your vegetable glycerine.


If you are going to be vaping to help you stop smoking, you will also have to purchase some liquid nicotine. As nicotine is a highly addictive substance, there are restrictions on who can buy it. As such, you may need to go to a specialist store to buy this, although you can still get it easily enough online. Once you have the above three ingredients, there is only one more that you will need.


The last ingredient that you will need is the flavourings to create your vape juice at home. You can purchase these from many places online, and lots of shops also stock these products. You can buy a variety of flavours and try them all, and you can also blend them to make a unique flavour that you cannot buy anywhere. Now that you have all the ingredients, there are only a few things left to get.

Additional Supplies

You will also have to purchase a few extra things to make your vape juice at home. You will need some plastic bottles to hold your vape juice; about 50ml should be fine. You will also need some pipettes to measure your ingredients, and it may also be handy to have some small funnels to help pour the liquids into the bottles easier. Now that you have everything you need, it is time to experiment and see what fantastic flavours you can create at home.

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