If you’ve experienced any form of over-dependence on marijuana consumption, then perhaps you are fighting marijuana addiction. The addiction comes about as a result of uncontrolled and prolonged use of the drug. Often, the addiction is physiological, though a lot of research has been conducted to determine any form of physical dependence on the drug.

Though marijuana addiction is hardly discussed, it is a real problem most weed consumers face in their lives. Therefore, every pot user must understand what addiction to drugs means and how they can overcome the condition.

How Do You Get Addicted to Marijuana?

No one is immune to marijuana addiction. However, those who practice caution and responsible use are at a lower risk of getting addicted. It is believed the consistent consumption of weed causes your brain to undergo neurobiological changes.  This change is responsible for addiction cycles as it seeks to reinforce a more regular use and overall overdependence.

The changes in your body function also introduce an element of habit in your weed consumption. In this case, you may feel like your body can’t function in a normal way without using marijuana. Therefore, even as you go for some marijuana at your nearby dispensary, be keen on its prolonged and uncontrolled consumption.

How to Do a Self-Assessment of Your Marijuana Addiction

Sometimes you may need more than overdependence on marijuana to know if you are addicted. Below are some of the signs you can use to conduct a self-assessment of marijuana addiction.

  • If you choose marijuana consumption over other essential responsibilities, such as providing for your family.
  • If you only focus on getting high with the drug
  • If a medical recommendation can’t make you quit consuming marijuana

These are just a few signs to help you do a self-assessment of your consumption. Some marijuana distribution outlets have psychological support systems that help their customers when in need. Other than that, they also ensure marijuana is sold for consenting adults. For instance, I found out about a dispensary near me that doesn’t sell marijuana to adults below 21 years.

Fighting Marijuana Addiction

A heavy addiction to marijuana doesn’t mean all is lost. There’s always a way out of it. You only need to focus and work diligently through the recovery process. Here are a few tips and guidelines to help you through your addiction.

Stay Away from Other Marijuana Consumers

The best way to overcome marijuana addiction is through steering off ‘bad company.’ These are mainly your smoking buddies who won’t appreciate the fact that you’ve quit the trade. Staying around them will only tempt you into going back.

Be Aware of the Withdrawal Symptoms

This may vary depending on how long you’ve been consuming the drug. Therefore, keep in mind that you’ll experience cravings, anxiety, or even irritability. The symptoms will disappear after a while.

Get some Expert Counselling

Don’t forget to get a good therapist who can help you with your emotional and behavioral recovery.

Final Thought

Any heavy and uncontrolled marijuana consumption will always culminate in an addiction. Perhaps it will be ideal for slowing on its consumption for a while if this happens to you. However, marijuana remains beneficial if used responsibly.

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