Kratom is around for many years because the farmers and the laborers in Malaysia and Thailand chewed the leaves of this plant or brewed them in tea to fight fatigue, relieve pain, increase energy and the productivity levels. When abused, it can make someone feel high. It is a controlled substance in Thailand and also considered one of the most abused illegal drugs. In the United States, this drug is not considered illegal in most of the states but is listed as the drug of concern by the DEA or Drug Enforcement Administration. This product is marketed as a nutritional or a dietary supplement or may be sold in the tobacco shops in the powder or the tablet form.

This compound has pain relieving properties which are not provided by any other pain reliever. With the right dosages, it works quite well. So, before planning to use it, it is important to know the correct dosages. A low dosage can enhance your mood and a high dose provides relief to the pain. Additionally, this drug works great for the patients who are going through an addiction recovery period and make withdrawal symptoms much easier. It is available in different forms. It can be used as a tea, sold in the powdered form, and there are capsules too and high quality Kratom gives reliefs from pain.

Powerful effects

The effects of this drug have mostly evolved from the case reports and the anecdotal. It can produce stimulant effects at the low doses and the CND depressant effects at the high dosages. The stimulant effects increase alertness, social behavior, talkativeness, and improved physical energy although the effects are unpredictable and are variable. The users who take this drug have reported of pain relief, less anxiety and stress, less fatigue, and sharpened focus. Apart from pain relief, anecdotal uses also include anti-inflammatory, antitussive, antipyretic to antihypertensive, and also antidiarrheal. It enhances sexual function too.

It was reported that the individuals who were addicted to opioid, used this drug to avoid withdrawal side effects of narcotic. Reports have suggested that it can be used together with other drugs including the illicit drugs, over-the-counter medications, and the prescribed opioids. It can be dangerous to mix this drug with other kinds of medications and may lead to adverse side effects. It takes effect in the body within 5 to 15 minutes of intake and it also remains effective for 2 to 5 hours.  If taken at low dosages, it acts as a stimulant drug which increases alertness and sociability.

Addiction to this drug

The only danger if the drug is used for a long duration of time is addiction and dependence on it. Some chemicals are there in this compound that can activate the opiate signals in the brain. If this happens, it can help to reduce the withdrawal symptoms caused due to the use of addictive drugs like the heroin. This proves that this drug is addictive in itself. Long-term users have reported to become tolerant to this drug and require high quality Kratomand large doses to experience similar results.

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