We don’t blame you if you have qualms about your appearance. After all, we live in an image-obsessed world, and anything that deviates from the norm is seen as undesirable. Unfortunately, prevailing beauty standards are often realistic and aren’t representative of what most people look like.

You don’t need to look like a supermodel to feel good about yourself. Starving yourself to achieve some impossible beauty standard won’t do you any good. There are safer ways to lose weight, such as going to a weight loss clinic. As long as you take good care of your health and prioritize your wellness, you have a great shot at becoming happy and content.

Instead of fixating on beauty, you might want to focus on your wellness instead. After all, you can be thin and unhealthy. Lifestyle changes such as cutting meat consumption, exercising regularly, and getting enough rest can do wonders for your physical and mental health.

We owe it to ourselves and our loved ones to lead the best life possible. One way to do that is to lead a lifestyle that helps us become more healthy and happy. Instead of comparing yourself to others, you need to focus on yourself and your wellbeing. Here are a few tips that will help you become the best version of yourself.

  1. Eat for nourishment

Food can be a source of joy, but eating shouldn’t be a hobby. We’re more likely to gain weight if we turn to food for comfort and relaxation. Let’s say you’re at a potluck. With so many choices, you might be tempted to taste everything on display. While there’s nothing wrong with having a taste of everything, it becomes an issue if you gorge yourself without stopping. Make sure to only eat for nourishment and to stop once you feel full.

You might want to examine your relationship with food. If you find yourself walking towards the fridge every time you feel bored or stressed, you might want to find an alternative activity that will fill the need within you. Consider trying new hobbies instead of reaching for a candy bar every time you need to kill time.

It’s also important to eat slowly and to savor every bite. That way, you’ll feel more satisfied, and you give your brain enough time to catch up with your body.

  1. Watch what you eat

It can be difficult to know when to stop, especially when it comes to food. Many buffet restaurants are designed to overwhelm people with imagery of food. If you can’t choose one dish to eat, you might as well try them all. This can lead to binge-eating and weight gain and puts you at a higher risk for cardiovascular diseases. Make sure to slow down and pace yourself whenever you’re eating. You’re not in a competition, so take your time and savor every bite.

Apart from the nutritional value of the food, it’s also important to monitor your portions’ sizes. Overeating is the same whether you’re eating donuts or fresh vegetables. If you find it difficult to control your portions, you might want to use a smaller plate as a form of control. You’re less likely to binge-eat if your portions are limited by what you can put on your plate. It also helps to give yourself a hard rule. For instance, you can allow yourself a single plate per meal.

  1. Don’t forget to relax

You may not realize it, but uncontrolled stress can wreak havoc on your body. The amount of stress you experience daily shapes your traits and habits. For instance, you’re more likely to overeat if you’re stressed and use food to relax. While a little stress won’t do much harm, too much of it can lead to long-term physical and psychological damage.

If you find yourself overwhelmed by everyday life demands, you need to allow yourself some respite from the chaos. Make it a point to rest and relax regularly. You can’t give your 100 percent if you don’t let your body heal and recuperate.

The bottom line

These three tips will help you become the best version of yourself. Just don’t expect results overnight. To reap the benefits of wellness, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle. Don’t rush things and take it day by day.

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