Over the last decade, people have shifted the focus from processed foods towards homemade combined with exercise. Everybody is more concerned about their health and wants to live a long and healthy life. But over time, various facts and fiction have evolved, and some concerns are taking over. Since medicine has given us many supplements, some points have remained, and imagination has gained popularity. The use of supplements is getting popular such as vitamin C supplement, which is necessary for bones and eventually the body. The intake of this required supplement is beneficial to males and females and is prescribed by specific physicians.

Why is health important?

Being healthy is quite vital as overall life depends on it. It helps to prevent deadly diseases and raises self-esteem. Good health means better brain function and sound functions of organs. If the body is working right, then daily routine work becomes more accessible. Also, good health is essential because there is too much pollution in the world and we need to have good health with the help of crucial supplements.

Let’s look at some facts about being healthy:

  1. As absurd as it seems, but to cool down your body, one should drink hot beverages. It will instantly relieve you from specific heat strokes and get the body temperature normal.
  2. There is a common myth that you should not eat after eight at night to get better sleep and health. But there are few things you can have if hunger takes over, such as nuts, apples, and grilled meat.
  3. There is nothing better to start the day than doing exercise. A set of regular activities will get you ready for the day and keep the organs running throughout the day.
  4. Many of us see the advertisement, stop! Smoking kills. In reality, it does, but too passive smokers. In such conditions, it is advised to take health supplements.
  5. It is a fact that emotion can harm the body. Depression weakens the heart; grief attacks the lungs and angers your liver. So stop being stress and live a joyful life.
  6. Many people believe in healthy eating only. They resent taking supplements even if the body needs them. But the fact is that the body needs supplements to survive.
  7. Many places lack sunlight, so it is advised to take vitamin c supplements for additional benefits.
  8. Some places are far from the workplace. People tend to choose cars over walking or cycling. But the fact is cycling to work is beneficial for the body as all systems are in cognition.
  9. Another fact is that music is considered the food for the soul. It is accurate as listening to music enhances the mood and gives the brain a boost.
  10. The skin works hard all day and night. Rarely does it have a chance to relax? So it is necessary to take vitamin c supplements to give the skin a natural glow.
  11. Another fact is that, though weird, swearing will make the pain go away faster.
  12. Chewing gum will redefine jaw muscles and will give a chiseled jaw as models have.

Apart from all these facts, various fictional points are floating around, and many believe them. Some of them are given below.

Some fictional facts about health:

  1. The human body is full of iron. It can produce enough to create a 3-inch nail. Now people who lack iron and want to have long nails usually go for iron supplements.
  2. All ears are different; some are short, some are long. A study says that ears keep on growing, but if that were so, then all humans would have ears like elephants.
  3. Another widely popular fiction is that children don’t feel pain. That is not true as children express emotions through tantrums, anger, or laughing.
  4. Like few animals, humans shed skin too. Now it’s up to each individual to check the bedsheet first thing in the morning.
  5. People believe that perfumes and deodorants cause chronic diseases such as cancer. It can be fiction because there is no research and confirmation from any medical unit.
  6. Egg yolks are considered bad for the heart. It can cause a heart attack, and many people do not eat eggs at all.

What to believe?

It’s up to each individual whether to go for facts or fiction about health. All body systems are different and hence react differently as well. The world today is so polluted that supplements are deemed necessary. The best is to take a doctor’s advice before intake any medicine.


Supplements are vital for everybody. We tend to stay indoors, walk in the evenings and rarely go out to take a sunbathe. The busy life has taken a toll on many, and so supplements are advised. For the first step, you should start taking vitamin c supplements and then fulfilling the other requirements. These supplements come as an individual or as multivitamins. It’s up to you what you choose for yourself.

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