Testing is among the most common drug tests in the drug testing industry. It is sometimes used in court cases when decisions have to be made based on drug test results. It is also the most preferred method that employers use, especially for staff who work in positions relying on reliability and safety.

How does the test work? 

If you ingest drugs in any way, they go to your bloodstream. Since it connects to the entire body, they make their way into various body parts, including your hair shaft and hair follicle.

To perform a hair drug test, the professionals collect some hair strands from the crown of your head and sends them to the lab. Here, it gets liquified with a chemical compound that tests the presence of drugs.

The collection of hair samples is effortless. And this makes this drug test procedure applicable in most instances, especially where many people have to undergo testing.

Can you cheat a hair drug test?

These tests are complex to cheat on since the samples are taken directly by the collector. That means that if you do not have a hair head, the hair follicle test cannot get performed. Some people are concerned about environmental exposure to drugs, including involuntary marijuana smoke. And how this can affect the hair follicle test.

However, the drug test only screens for the metabolites your body would produce if you smoked or ingested drugs. And the drug itself.

That means that if any drug got stuck in your hair, but you did not inhale it, your hair will have zero evidence of drug metabolites. That means that your test will turn out negative.

Some quick facts about hair drug tests include:

  • The testing can detect drugs up to three months after use
  • Shampoos and treatments cannot mask the presence of drugs in your hair
  • They’re almost impossible to cheat
  • Second-hand smoke does not result in a positive follicle test
  • It is one of the most accurate drug test procedures
  • You can get results within 3-5 days
  • The process is non-evasive

When choosing a hair drug test company, you need to read customer reviews and testimonials on their website. That way, you assess their services and see if they are the best candidates for the job.

The best companies one has positive reviews and is known to offer the best services to their customers.

You also need to consider a company that offers affordable services. That means that you can take many tests and not have to worry about meeting their costs.

The company should also offer outstanding customer service to its clients. And show genuine concern for their wellness. They should also be reachable at any time and have their telephone contacts displayed on their site.


When choosing a hair follicle drug test company, you want to consider one committed to offering its clients affordable, accurate, and convenient Drug and DNA testing. All their testing centers should be sanitary, clean, and efficient. And has your wellbeing interests at heart.

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