When it comes to improving productivity, people always believe that time management is the key. But is it really? Time management might be the best method for some, but research suggests that managing energy is a better way to increase productivity.

For instance, an average person who works at home is typically pressured to log for more hours so that they can get more work done. This, of course, makes sense for someone who needs to accomplished more tasks.

But the problem is, time is not an unlimited resource; it runs out. Even if you skip your lunch and coffee break to finish that list of tasks, you’re still grinding with a set number of hours. Wherein, energy is something you have control over. From how your mind focuses to how you can increase your energy level, you can do something to have a more productive day. Learn how to work smarter, not harder.

So if you’re working from home but find it hard to get everything done, here’s how you can effectively manage your energy for better productivity:

Physical Energy

Got a hangover from your night out with your friends? Not getting enough sleep? These little things can greatly impact your physical energy. If you want to be more productive, take extra care of yourself.

Try new habits such as sleep meditation or breathing exercises to help you relax and reduce stress. Don’t skip your night skin treatment routine, regular workout regime, or quiet time. A perfect workday is not you being too busy with a pile of tasks on your PC but allowing yourself to end the day happier and more relaxed.

And as much as you can, don’t drink too many cocktails or alcohol so that you can sleep faster. Not having your phone in bed and practicing sleep meditation are also helpful in promoting relaxation and better sleep. Avoid fatigue and take care of your body first.

Mental Energy

Your mental energy level is a vital element in your focus, motivation, and productivity. Maintaining it results in less procrastination and healthier eating habits.

There are tons of ways to boost mental energy, and one of them is practicing negative visualization. Avoid worrying about worst-case scenarios; just appreciate what you have. Instead of thinking that the company you’re working for might soon close down, focus on working productively every day.

Also, instead of figuring out how to multitask and get many things done, try to practice monotasking. Research suggests that doing multiple tasks at the same time costs you more mental energy. This often leads to worse performance or lousy work.

Your brain isn’t designed to handle several tasks at the same time. Focus on one initiative as this enables you to be more productive and creative. With one task at hand, you are funneling more energy and attention.

Emotional Energy

According to one study, the mood of employees plays a huge role in how they felt or perform for the rest of the day. When you start your day feeling irritable or angry, you have less control over impulses and have trouble thinking clearly.

There are several ways to improve your mood and be more productive. You can spend time with friends or loved ones; eat out during weekends or have Friday virtual hangouts. During the first few hours of your day, be productive and disciplined. You can exercise to release those happy chemicals in your body.

Focus on activities that fulfill you or you enjoy, as these are a great way for emotional recovery and renewal. Just think of it this way: Negative emotions equate to inefficient energy.

Spiritual Energy

Another type of energy that affects your productivity is spiritual energy. Managing this can be different for everyone as we all have our ways to spiritually aligned ourselves for a certain purpose. Take time to understand your core values: who you are, your goals, or how passionate you are about what you do. Reflecting is one of the common ways to increase spiritual energy.

If you’re having a hard time taking this challenge alone, you can volunteer for a project and spend time helping others. Volunteering fuels a person’s sense of meaning. Find that sense of purpose and perform faster and better.

Juggling with hectic work schedules and extensive house chores often causes us to lose focus and feel burned out. But by managing your energy the right way, you can reduce your stress levels and maximize productivity. Follow our suggestions and get more work done!

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